What even is this site about?

Currently it is both my personal website and a sort of staging area for an online Native Foods magazine and gathering almanac with recipes and interviews, a place for storytelling, cross-continent trading and meet-ups for group gathering. Also perhaps a little merch slinging for Frybread Riot hoodies & t-shirts. But right now it’s mostly a lot of action potentials and a place for me to send future employers that want to look at my body of work.

Who even are you?

My name is Sara Calvosa Olson, I’m a Karuk asiktávaan (woman) and táat (mother) of two teenage sons. I grew up in Salyer & Hoopa in Northern California, I’m living in Marin now with my husband (who is also from Hoopa.)

I intend to put together a compendium full of Indigenous seasonal & regional recipes with advice for gathering, growing, and a place to do some trading. I know that many of us are actively decolonizing our diets in our own ways, each at our own pace. Every season is a new opportunity to share knowledge and to offer a light in the dark for those that are in every stage of connection or reconnection with their traditional ways; a chance to introduce each other to our plant relatives, to begin forming or to keep nurturing a relationship with our cultural biomes, and to support each other in our journeys.

My people are from, and are still thriving on the Klamath River in Northern California. Acorns, fish, deer meat, gathered plants & mushrooms, and uniquely cultivated tobacco are traditional staples in our culture. I am so looking forward to learning about your traditions and recipes, whether they are made in the time-honored way or with a contemporary twist on traditional ingredients, I'm here for it all. Yôotva!

Can I even submit my own recipes? Or trade my paw paws?

Hãã! Yes! Please use the contact form to send your info and we’ll make it happen cap’n.

Wait. What does ákih sára even mean?

In Karuk, àkih means, “to give things to someone; to feed,” and sára means, “bread.” I want us to feed each other with the knowledge of our ancestors, to share with each other (what we are comfortable sharing) and also I want you all to get that bread. And, my name is Sara which was an unintentionally prescient naming considering that I spend a great deal of time writing about food and eating bread.

I think I might want to hire you.

I’m not surprised, many people do, I have a great personality. But here’s my resume, though it does not include my work at Edible Shasta-Butte, which is why I’ve compiled a page of writing samples. I look forward to doing good work with you.